If you bought tickets on StubHub as a guest, you can resell them after registering a StubHub account. We can't merge a guest account to a registered account.

  • If the tickets were delivered and are in your guest account, save them to your computer before listing 
  • To resell mobile tickets, create a registered account and then contact us

To resell your tickets:

  1. Click Sell tickets on StubHub. Then tell us what you’re selling.
  2. Create a StubHub account
  3. Follow the steps and tell us:
    • What kinds of tickets you're selling and how / when you'll deliver them
    • The seat details and how many tickets you're selling
    • Your price per ticket and how you'd like to be paid if they sell
  4. We require you to list a valid credit card to keep users safe. Enter your card details and choose a preferred payment method.
  5. Click List tickets